Nominations and Awards
Eden Miner’s song “To Fly” has been nominated for “Best Song” by the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards.

“Quite miraculously, this locally-produced CD appeared out of nowhere and it stands on its own beside the nationally-produced major label music we receive. Eden Miner has produced a thoughtful, personal piece of work that is reminiscent of major artists like Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Norah Jones yet blazes its own path. We’re starting with ‘To Fly” but there are real gems scattered throughout the CD.”

Ira Gordon
Director of Programming Brands
Hutton Media Empire
KBAC-FM Radio Free Santa Fe
KVSF-FM The Voice of Santa Fe

“When Eden Miner moved to Santa Fe as a child in 1987, she began studying piano with Gillian McHugh. The influence of these classical studies is evident many years later in the singer-songwriter’s strong, recently released debut EP. But the piano is just one of many voices filling out the six varied songs on the album, which run the gamut from country and folk to atmospheric dark pop. After writing the music and lyrics, Miner turned to local producer John Kurzweg, who rounded out the pieces with enough instrumentation to give each song a rich full-band sound. The second track, “To Fly,” may be the most characteristic and replayable, with its driving, staccato piano, eerie strings, fuzzy bass, and insistent vocals from Miner. “Easy Days,” on the other hand — a song that is deceptively melancholy, given its title — offers the best showcase of Miner’s ability on keys and her ear for subtle vocal harmony. “I grew up in a family of musicians and singers. My dad was a folk singer and guitar player, and he taught all of his seven children his favorite songs so we could sing in harmony with him,” Miner told Pasatiempo. Surprisingly, much of her favorite music comes from nonsingers. Her list of influences includes Chopin and Miles Davis, along with legendary vocalists Bonnie Raitt and Ella Fitzgerald — a range that helps explain the eclecticism behind her compositions.”

Loren Bienvenu
Santa Fe New Mexican