Eden Miner is the creation of a songstress and pianist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she moved to the land of enchantment at the age of 12 where she continued the classical piano studies she had begun in kindergarten. Through these years she also learned to love and sing the folk songs her father taught her and her sister. Eventually, the love of the piano and a burning desire to sing with her instrument led her to composing lyrical pieces on the piano.

A life time classical pianist as well as folk singer, Eden Miner’s expression is no doubt influenced by her musical background and includes innumerable and varied artists from Bach to Chopin, Tim O’Brien to Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis to Emmy Lou Harris. But despite these influences, Eden’s writing does not follow a musical genre, so much as a love of simple melody. An unforgettable voice and a sound that is at once unique and familiar, Eden Miner is soul and sensuality grounded by gritty conviction.

The songs on this EP and soon to be released LP are written by Eden Miner. How they are expressed here is the end result of collaboration between herself and the multi-platinum record producer John Kurzweg. An accomplished multi- instrumentalist and songwriter as well as producer, John was approached by Eden seeking to find someone whose experience, talent and musicality she could trust to produce her songs. Eden brought John songs written for the piano and her voice, raw in form and melody, but already structurally complete with piano solos, as well as places for his own guitar solos. Following John’s lead, they approached the production of the songs as sketches on canvas to which they would add color and dynamic. The finished pieces are a confluence of John’s musicianship and ability to ‘hear’ the big picture, and Eden Miner’s visceral and emotional sense of the connection between melody and lyric.